Splendid Daisy-bush
Old Flower (long stamen)
Mueller's Daisy-bush
Whole Bush in Flower
Splendid Daisy-bush (Olearia magniflora)Class: Plant (Plantae) - Shrubs & Bushes
Order: Asterales
Family: Daisy (Asteraceae)
Species: Splendid Daisy-bush (Olearia magniflora)
This Photo:     Seeded - In Seed

General Species Information:
Found on Ellura (in the Murray Mallee)
Usually this bush likes to live with in the safety of another bush
When on its own it's a very straggly looking affair.
Beautiful large pale purple flowers
Leaves are stiff and like shovels, with up to 4 small prongs coming out the side.

Copyright © 2012- Brett & Marie Smith. All Rights Reserved. Photographed 07-Nov-2012
This species is classed as NT (Near Threatened) in the Murray Mallee, by DENR (Regional Species Status Assessments, July 2010)