River Box
Older stand
Murray Mallee Region
River Box
In flower
River Box (Eucalyptus largiflorens)Class: Plants (Plantae) - Land Plants (Charophyta) - Land Plants (Equisetopsida) - Trees
Order: Myrtles (Myrtales)
Family: Myrtle (Myrtaceae)     iNaturalist Observation
Species: River Box (Eucalyptus largiflorens)
This Photo:     Older stand
Other names: Black Box or Swamp Box

Thank you Dr Dean Nicolle for confirming the id of this species for us

EXTRA - Photo Specific Information:
It is believed this stand of trees was germinated in the 1992 floods, on the edge of an ephemeral lake. However, rabbits chewed them to ground level (this caused many of them to fork at the base). In 1995 the calicivirus was accidentally released and the trees were then able to prosper. This photo was taken in 2004. So the trees are probably 12 years old, stunted due to rabbits with about 9 years proper growth showing.
General Species Information:
Found in the Murray Mallee SA and possibly elsewhere

Copyright © 2004-2023 Brett & Marie Smith. All Rights Reserved. Photographed 18-Jan-2004
This species is classed as RA (Rare) in the Murray Mallee, SA, by DENR (Regional Species Status Assessments, July 2010)