Horehound Bug
Acacia Shield Bug
S2: dorsal
Acacia Shield Bug (Alcaeus lignicolor)Class: Animals (Animalia) - Jointed Legs (Arthropoda) - Insects (Insecta)     iNaturalist Observation
Order: True Bugs (Hemiptera)
Family: Stink Bug (Pentatomidae)
Species: Acacia Shield Bug (Alcaeus lignicolor)
This Photo:     S1: dorsal

General Species Information:
Found on Ellura (in the Murray Mallee, SA) and elsewhere
~17mm long. Notice the side spines one the pronotum are very much reduced compared with A. varicornis.
It's surprisingly difficult to see, but the leading edges of the pronotum also have small spines/teeth (this occurs on both Alcaeus species we have depicted here). Note though the edges of the abdomen seem less serated compared to most pentatomids, looking almost smooth edged.
We have found 3 adults in Oct, Dec & Feb. We also found 3, what we think are nymphs, in May & June.

Copyright © 2015-2021 Brett & Marie Smith. All Rights Reserved. Photographed 04-Feb-2015
This species is an Australian Native Species, not listed in the SA Murray Mallee Survey of 2010.