Orange-spotted Sun Moth
Female? Ventral
Undescribed Wood Moth
S2: Male?, dorsal
Undescribed Wood Moth (Archaeoses ANIC1)Class: Animals (Animalia) - Jointed Legs (Arthropoda) - Insects (Insecta)     iNaturalist Observation
Order: Butterflies & Moths (Lepidoptera)
Family: Wood Moth (:Cossoidea Cossidae)
Species: Undescribed Wood Moth (Archaeoses ANIC1)
This Photo:     S1: Male?, dorsal

General Species Information:
Found on Ellura (in the Murray Mallee, SA) and elsewhere
This is figured on Bold as Archaeoses ANIC1
We've photographed 14 specimens, varying in size between 14mm up to 21mm head & body length. It seems the larger ones have fatter bodies and suspect them to be females; with the shorter, slimmer ones males.
All were found in March & April.

Copyright © 2014-2021 Brett & Marie Smith. All Rights Reserved. Photographed 29-Dec-2014
This species is an Australian Native Species, not listed in the SA Murray Mallee Survey of 2010.