Juniper Moss
Leafy Liverwort
~10-15mm each
Leafy Liverwort (Fossombronia pusilla)Class: Plants (Plantae) - Liverworts (Marchantiophyta) - Leafy Liverworts (Jungermanniopsida)
Order: Leafy Liverworts (Fossombroniales)
Family: Leafy Liverwort (Fossombroniaceae)
Species: Leafy Liverwort (Fossombronia pusilla)
This Photo:     In fruit

General Species Information:
Found on Ellura (in the Murray Mallee, SA), the Adelaide Hills and elsewhere

Copyright © 2016-2024 Brett & Marie Smith. All Rights Reserved. Photographed 31-Aug-2016
This species is an Australian Native Species, not listed in the SA Murray Mallee Survey of 2010.