Tools: Trailer:
Flat top Trailer
Ellura Sanctuary
Tools: Weed Sprayer: 100m hose:
Sprayer in Ruby, with 100m hose


We needed to be able to take the spray tank into the reserve (off the tracks). Even with the 100m hose, we couldn't get to all our weed sites. So we invested $800 in this old Subaru 4wd. It came with a 2" lift kit, which helps get over low bushes without damaging them, and near new mud tires to stop us getting bogged. Tightest turning circle of any 4wd out there, perfect for steering around trees & bushes to get to the weeds.
NB: 4wd mode will rip up the ground around corners. We only use 2wd mode, and haven't required the 4wd mode to get out of trouble ..... yet

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