Tools: Weeding Shovels:
Flat End, back
Ellura Sanctuary
Tools: Weeding Shovels:
Marie's Angled End, front
Marie's Angled End, backTools:
Weeding Shovels:

 Marie's Angled End, back

These started out as $10 shovels that I modified to suite spot weeding with minimal soil disturbance. I made 2 types:
One was just cut to a narrow, flat end. While useful, it's not strong enough and the narrow end kept breaking off (hence I welded a backing plate on). But we find it very useful for light soils (ie sandy), small weeds or rocky ground where we just cut the weed off rather than dig it out.
With the 2nd type, I cut the end off the shovel and welded a piece of thin angle iron to the back. Mine's longer than Marie's for the bigger jobs, so has extra support. (Primarily I used it to go deeper for Mignonette, but we don't have this at Ellura). Marie also finds the shorter one easier to use. The angle iron is probably a bit too light, and can bend if not used with care. But this makes it much lighter for carrying, and is much easier to push into hard ground. Notice Marie's is more tapered; making it easier to push in but more fragile.

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