Tools: Weed Sprayer: 20m hose:
Wheelbarrow sprayer
Ellura Sanctuary
Tools: Weeding Shovels:
2 Shovels, angle & flat ends
Hand WeedingTools:
Weed Sprayer: Hand Weeding:

 Hand Weeding

This is what we now use to kill our onion weed now. A $2 1/2 litre spray bottle of pure herbicide (with die), a snap knife and an old feed bag to collect any seed pods. Cut off the onion weed at ground level and spray a tiny squirt onto the cut. It works perfectly. From 3 months to do our large 3 acre patch 4 years ago, we did the whole area in 3 hours. The reason being, they are so small now it's really easy to cut them with the knife. In the past they'd take a lot of work to cut.
The shovels haven't been used for a couple of years now.

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