Tools: Weed Sprayer: 100m hose:
Sprayer in Ruby, with 100m hose
Ellura Sanctuary
Tools: Weed Sprayer: Hand Weeding:
Hand Weeding
Wheelbarrow sprayerTools:
Weed Sprayer: 20m hose:

 Wheelbarrow sprayer

With Marie off doing larger areas of wild sage in Ruby, I converted my old wheelbarrow into a spray unit to cover the remaining onion weed.
  • $200 55l Silvan sprayer
  • $130 2 x No puncture tyres
  • $100 Wheelbarrow
  • $60 A silvan spray long spray wand
  • $40 AGM battery
  • $20 20m x 6mm Hose
  • $15 25mm Axle and moved it back 50mm (made a huge improvment to the weight on the handles)
  • $10 Hose Reel
  • $5   Made a removable to hitch that takes 10 sec to hitch or unhitch
  • $580 All up, ignoring all the stuff that didn't work! It works very well for spot spraying anywhere on Ellura. I drive on the tack to the nearest point and then wheelbarrow to the weeds. With the two wheels I can even push it one handed.

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